Our Story

Bloom Day Nursery in Stretford near Old Trafford Park Media City Manchester Motif

In 2014, Manchester mum Jill Mackey, changed her very successful career as a Pharmacist to launch a new Day Nursery that she promised will help relieve the pressure and guilt felt by many parents returning to work after having a baby.  Jill has 2 young children and due to work had to put her children in nursery at 5 months old which she struggled with and as her job involved long working days Jill found nursery provisions quite restricting with their opening hours.  That’s when Jill started to think about “Bloom”.

Bloom aims to provide a safe and secure environment where parents feel welcome and have peace of mind that their child will be looked after by nurturing carers.  All our children will be provided with stimulating learning experiences enabling them to become happy and confident individuals.

All Bloom nursery employees have been hand selected from a rigorous interview process and bring with them a variety of early years’ experience and each team member has their own uniqueness enabling us to structure a team with a diverse range of qualities and expertise.


To provide consistently excellent childcare that meets the individual requirements of each and every child in a safe, supportive and healthy environment so they are left with happy memories of their time with us.

The Values

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of childcare to give you peace of mind when you drop your child off every day. Here are a few of the many things that makes Bloom Day Nursery special.



Safeguarding your children is our main priority. All rooms are secure with child-proof locks and all exterior doors require a fingerprint or buzzer to gain access.



Healthy eating and living is one thing which makes parents love us. Homemade, freshly prepared food is served throughout the day at Bloom. A healthy child is a happy child.



Creative play enhances hand-eye coordination, problem solving and dexterity skills as well as speech and communication while stimulating the imagination

Our Rooms

Bloom Day Nursery in Stretford near Old Trafford Park Media City Manchester Motif


Each of our rooms at Bloom, are fully equipped with toys and activities for children to play and interact with. You can see which members of staff look after each room by visiting our Team page. If you and your child would like to come and visit Bloom Day Nursey, get in touch.

0 – 2 Years


In our 0-2 room, we will be caring for young children aged from 6 weeks to around 2 years old. During the children’s time in this room, we will concentrate on children’s personal, social and emotional skills, their communication and language, and their physical development. In the Early Years curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage) these are known as the ‘prime areas’. Children must be confident in all of these areas if they are to progress in other areas. We have a team of early years practitioners who have a wide variety of experiences and are all experts in caring for your young child.

2 – 3 Years


In our 2-3 room children will have grown in confidence and will now be exploring and investigating even further. During this time they will play alongside others and begin to form relationships with their peers. Children will also begin to communicate much more effectively with adults and peers and develop in other areas of the EYFS such as literacy and maths.

3 – 5 Years


Children in our pre-school age group will now be taking part in much more structured play activities. There will be many opportunities for the children to have support in smaller groups during ‘teaching times’ where all activities will be tailored to suit children’s individual learning needs. Our highly qualified and experienced members of staff will be supporting these children to have the confidence to take the next step of their learning journey into reception.

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